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ments with the food, or of irritating drinks such as alcohol. It
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ence. It is a matter of exceeding regret that such ex-
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would nearly overcome the profits accruing from the sale
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I have had, in the majority of them, the good fortune to
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on and had got through the worst of it when he gave out and
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it serveth the powers and instruments of their heat, for every
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Austin, A. II. The nutritive value of albumose peptone, 545.
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method of Loremz valuable in hip disease. This permits the weight
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stacle to the operation upon the living. Dr. Chadwick
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to return after long intervals— ^so long, in fact, as the filarise continue to dwell
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of saving child or mother, perhaps both, led to the relatively frequent
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of diabetic retinitis and, as a result, attempted to take
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felt at first for the life of her helpless offspring ? That the
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The author dcBcribed to the Surgical Section, British Medical Association,
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foot. When the bird comes to, wrap it in warm flannel.
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membrane on the right side. The patient declared that her nose felt as if
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croupous pneumonia, nothing is known ; but it is a reasonable pre-
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fresh bouillon culture or by inserting a platinum loop carrying a bit of the
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fifteen to twenty drops night and morning. Follow up with
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young there is an additional element, that the mind is
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Pascal Hospital Dr. Wells has placed two beautiful colored plates
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fected with hog-cholera, and there is no evidence that they played
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appointment he was admirably qualified by his skill and experience,

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