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ever, the heart is debilitated, — its energies are lessened by

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result of the injections. D. L. Edsall and C. W. MUler,* P. Deucher,'^

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in which the exudation is firm and thick, (>r causing

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another is more boldly a progressive. It is a common experience to

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dilation is comparatively free of immediate or subse-

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in acquiring than the brighter scholars. I can remember dis-

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occupied by several other works, foremost among which we would place the

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cerebrovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, subdural hematoma, normal-pressure

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which were given the test as a control, thoroughly with the symptoms of tubercu-

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Of Ihe posterior wall of the laiynx above the transverse muscle, we, as

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nerves that trouble you — it is I myself that am nervous. . . .

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to construct filters for city water-supplies which will remove

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contortions " (Sydenham), which bear no relation to the object in view.

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Science, and the Cattle-Breeders. — The quickness


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fanatics of past ages. They do not believe in ministers of

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the Nursery and Child's Hospital, will take place on the

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The tanner has been in all countries supposed to enjoy a special ex-

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Dr. a. E. Halstead reported three cases of perineal

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tion of the jaw. The average needle holder has, when

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of these diseases independently of infection directly trace-

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appendicular disease. The exact figures are here given :

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think we should differentiate between uterine inertia and those cases

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and the calories reaching 3,000 per day ; the second diet of

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The presence; of enlarged glands in the anterior triangle in

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In two cases this was very large. It did not infiltrate

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Mr. J. Wood could not exactly understand Mr. Bryant

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and incontinence of urine due to spasm of the neck of the

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of the world. Such was the belief of the Constantinople Sanitary

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vented from downward displacement. If the abdominal

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World's Fair City on a special train funjished by the Henderson route.

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goes to produce concussion of the brain, as I had found

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ernployment should be limited to the great ^^^ when the neighbors complain of the

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one of the principal sources of mortality following the opera-

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examined and found to contain trichina cysts in abun-

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the nostrils, which impels the patient to more or less forcibly blow the nose.